Shipping Method

We are excited to offer international shipping for most destinations of the world. The items will be shipped within 3-10 business days after you place the order. The delivery usually takes 7-15 days after we shipped your order( some countries maybe longer, if you are not sure, please contact us to check). If the package doesn't arrive on time you can contact us.

Our estimated delivery dates are based on several factors, including the destination address, the shipping options you've chosen, and how quickly we can assemble and prepare your items for shipment. You can calculate delivery estimates by taking the processing time for your order and adding the delivery time based on the shipping method you've chosen.

Please use the chart below to help gauge how long it will take to receive your order.

*There is different processing time for different item. You can check the processing time from product page; however, we will try our best to prepare the item ASAP after you place an order on our website)

Due to the influence of COVID-19 epidemic now, your order may be delayed for several days before delivery, please wait in patience.

Shipping Cost: Free Shipping Over $79; Cost $11.99(The United States) Under $79; Cost $9.99(The Other Countries) Under $79